Preston James VT 4-8-16… “Exclusive: The Coming Shift to the Esoteric” (or, “Holy Crap… this is a BIG one from Preston!”)

Awesome post by Preston James. Whew, finished reading it but didn’t watch all the vids, just a few. This is a big one!

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veterans_today_preston_james_banner_59veterans_today_banner_NEW_263Wow!! As I was copying this one, I realized how long it is… 8 sections, plus an update with a couple more added videos!

I believe many of these “Prestons” are what one might call, “extreme truth apocalypsers”. And personally, I appreciate what he publishes, and that the VT board “allows” him to publish. I’m going to highlight a few things, but I still haven’t read it all yet, so I may add [oops update, I originally substituted “s”‘s for the “d”‘s in “add”] to the highlights as time goes along.

[from Part I] “If information that has leaked out is accurate (and I believe it is), in the not too distant future, remarkable disclosures about Alien ET visitors will be forthcoming and the public perspective will shift from the Establishment’s defined and distributed fake belief system, to an esoteric view of reality.

“But sadly, the new esoteric…

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