Another BIG Preston James, VT, 5-16-16… “Deepest Darkest Secrets behind the Establishment Hierarchy’s evil Globalist NWO Agenda”

MUST READ: Monumental expose by Preston James, PhD, of Veterans Today. He instructs:
This is a long article and you can read the bold print and the conclusion to save time and get a pretty good idea of its main claims. This article is quite esoteric in nature and is solely based on the personal opinions, views and field research of the author. This article is based on personal interviews and participant-observation fieldwork over a 30 year period with numerous Intel and LE individuals not associated with VT in any way.
Unless you are up to speed and well informed about the Secret Space War, the Secret Shadow Government (SSG), the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and its stateside Establishment Hierarchy (EH), you would probably be wasting your time reading it. Without that background it is unlikely to fit into your head!

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veterans_today_preston_james_banner_65veterans_today_banner_NEW_284This may be on a similar scale to DW’s Financial Tyranny series. There’s so much in this Preston that I’m not going to attempt to comment. I feel it is being presented so we have an increasingly clearer picture of what’s been (and still is) going on on this planet, preparing us for the movement to freedom for this planet.

[EH = Establishment Heirarchy; KM = Khazarian Mafia; RICO = Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization]

“…it makes sense to me to now assume that there is a connection between the Select Few Establishment Hierarchy (EH) controllers who sit at the top of the pyramidal EH of the Khazarian Mafia (KM), the world’s largest organized crime syndicate. This EH/KM is run by the “Select Few”, the unimaginably evil and criminally insane, soulless, pure psychopaths…

“Mike Harris, VT Financial Editor and VT Talk Show Host (Short End of the Stick) has…

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