Over Grow the System 2-7-16… “Our food systems are changing for the better thanks to a rising crop of women farmers- Women Who Farm”

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rising_crop_of_women_farmers_1I believe this “popped up” in a FB feed, and it just felt extremely “right” for this moment, especially coupled with the last three anti-GMO-type posts. The role of women in farming is perhaps not often brought up, with all of the big (ass) farming corporations which seem to be very “male-ego-for-greed-and-profit” oriented.

Things are changing, in my view, as the planetary ego-male is diminishing, and as these women show the way. I say, “Follow the girls!”

““It [was] a total girl-power year around here,” says Janet Whalen Zeller, co-founder and co-director of Soil Born Farms Urban Agriculture and Education Project, which oversees two farms totaling 56 acres. In fact, during the past few years the majority of apprenticeship applicants at the farm have been women.

“Zeller can’t really explain the girl-power phenomenon… such a striking contrast to the demographic portrait of American farmers, which skews largely male… Zeller suggests…

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