Becoming A Fully Potentialized Human Being Vs. Unbecoming

Gotta read this later but wanted to share.


The video below explains why fact based evidence of inhumane acts on populations are being ignored and ridiculed, traps that are being laid for unaware people, and how to stay out of the traps.

In essence, unaware humans are being corralled into mindless, heartless, Soulless, servitude. However each of us can ‘de-switch’ our brain in a few minutes daily, to access higher awareness in the upper brain neo-cortex, and end ‘controlled’ stimulation of our lower reptilian brain [harm and loss], as man-made wireless frequencies intensify.

Learn to de-switch your brain from electro-smog, Wi-Fi, personal computers, smart phones, tablet computers, HAARP, and satellites that are manipulating unaware humans like robots.

1.146 – Dr. Doepp: Switching of the Brain (2008) – learn and teach others

What Soul brings us to, the Power of Soul can bring us through. In other words, the way out is within.

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