Jonas Alexis VT 5-4-16… “Vladimir Putin: New World Order Agents and Satanists Make Me Laugh”

Brilliant! Of course. Another fine article from Jonas Alexis illustrating master chess moves by Putin, in this case, pointing out the obvious for the feeble minded.

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veterans_today_jonas_alexis_banner_14veterans_today_banner_NEW_277Great apocalypse article here. NWO folks being called out by the perfect person to call them out: Vladimir Putin.

As a side note, apparently NATO (or, primarily US) troops are “exercising” in Moldova. Here are two links about that: link 1, link 2.

“NATO allies are preparing to send at least 4,000 troops in Poland and the Baltic countries,[1] presumably to keep an eye on Russia. But according to Business Insider, a Zionist outlet which has been anti-Putin since the beginning to time, it is Russia that is being aggressive here!

“Putin has made clear that the West needs to bring back practical reason in the political sphere. His reference to Satanism in the West is an implicit statement which basically says that the West has lost its moral ground. As he put it, “This is the path to degradation.”

“Putin has also made clear that countries like…

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