Preston James VT 4-22-16… “Unprecedented Access”

GAMECHANGER! That’s about all that needs to be said. Start reading. It feels like crap right now a lot of the time, but the worm has turned! Victory of the light!

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veterans_today_preston_james_banner_61veterans_today_banner_NEW_269This caught my eye, just after arriving home. As I scanned the short VT list today, I did notice that several of them seemed to be “dark oriented”, “nuclear war is coming”-ish types, whereas Preston’s at least have a “positive outcome”-centered theme.

“For the first time in history deep state secrets and previously hidden information about the secret Babylonian Talmudic Occult Network has been made readily available to the common man. This has occurred because of the Worldwide Internet and its Alternative Media. These disclosures are only going to increase…

“And right now several powerful groups inside and some nations outside of America are now going after the Hierarchy with a vengeance for all the evil that has been uncovered and linked to their top Policy-makers, who are wrinkled-up old demon-possessed, mass-murders and pedophiles. This is being done by deploying sophisticated covert operations and psyops to take the Hierarchy apart…

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