You can do this

So Far You’ve Survived 100% of Your Worst Days. You’re Doing Great – Unknown

Standing in the mirror in the morning, wondering how you’ll make it through another day.

You can do this

Sitting at your desk and fighting back the tightness in your throat with yet another coffee because you couldn’t sleep again.

You can do this

Lying in bed at night where the thoughts return. You need out. But where do you go? It doesn’t matter, does it? Because you’ll never get out, will you? 

You can do this

“This” means something different for every single one of us. Every person you pass on the street, stand behind in line at the grocery store, resist the urge to snap at when they shove past you on public transport – they’ve all got a “this” they want to know they can do. And you have to realize that you are living, breathing proof that you can do this. It doesn’t matter if this is the hardest obstacle you’ve ever faced. Whether it’s divorce, unemployment, a death in the family; every hardship you’ve ever survived has brought you to this very moment. Every tear shed, every moment you’ve dried your eyes and kept moving, has led you here, and prepared you to face everything holding you back.

It doesn’t matter if you fall. It doesn’t matter if you lay there on the ground with your face in the dirt for days. What matters is that, whether with a smile or grit teeth, you stand. Because this is not the end of the line for you. It never was. You are more powerful than you’ll ever realize. What you see as today’s definitive failure will one day be an achievement, one that you use to help someone else navigate this crazy, winding path called life. 

That person may be your best friend. It may be the love of your life you haven’t met yet. It could be a stranger on a city park bench. Or it could be you, back in the mirror, back at your desk, back in bed. 

You can do this


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