Natural News 4-14-16… “Costco going all out for organic: You’re not going to believe the new initiative this retailer is taking”

Wave keeps rollin’, yeah, yeah!!!

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natural_news_logo_13Saw this a couple days ago. Seems like Costco is headed in a direction we can benefit from. And perhaps will upset the GMO-with-added-pesticides-for-profit-at-our-expense crowd.

“…Costco is finding new and creative ways to meet its customers’ growing demand for organic produce. Organic foods is one of the fastest growing categories in food sales, and Costco is really trying to keep pace with this exponential increase in demand.

“According to CEO Craig Jelinek, “[Costco] cannot get enough organics to stay in business day in and day out.” Therefore, the new strategy involves Costco actually playing a part in building this food supply, and the company is developing a variety of initiatives to help boost the supply of organic food.

“Costco is going to work with the farmers themselves to help them buy the land they need and equipment necessary to grow organic products. The company will be lending money to farmers…

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