Jim Dean VT (via RT) 4-14-16… “Top quotes from Putin’s 2016 Q&A”

Putin’s actions define him as a man of the people.

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_267veterans_today_jim_dean_banner_37Some highlights via Jim Dean, via RT, from Putin’s annual Q&A. Here’s a highlight or two.

“Turkey is doing more to collaborate with jihadist extremists than it is doing to combat them, according to Putin. He mentioned that he did not think that Turkey was safe for Russian holidaymakers, though said he had no problem with the Turkish people. “We have problems with a few politicians whose behavior we consider inadequate.”

“Putin called US President Barack Obama a “decent man” for admitting that what followed military intervention in Libya was the “greatest mistake” of his presidency. The Russian leader said he was speaking sincerely without any irony because to make such admissions is not easy, while adding that “only a strong-minded person” such as Obama could take such steps.

“…Putin does not believe the West will look to end sanctions placed against Russia. “I don’t think our partners will…

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