Doctor Government Links Global Warming To Medical Diseases

Another good one from ourgreaterdestiny, this one exposing, once again, the lies of the complicit media and featuring a new phrase for me at least:
“mainstream media weapons of mass deception .” Thanks, Doreen!


How clever! A “government report” alleges that things like “extreme events”, “temperature-related deaths” “water related illnesses” and “vector-born diseases” are among the problems humanity faces due to global warming.

By Bernie Suarez

Medicine and global warming

The doctor has spoken. But it’s not the kind of doctor you were thinking. It’s “doctor government”and now the state is continuing the dialogue which was introduced in 2015 for the first time. Most Americans probably didn’t even catch the new odd rhetoric introduced then, attempting to link “global warming” to actual medical diseases and human health. For a while I thought it was a bad idea that went sour and I thought we wouldn’t hear about it again but I was wrong. It’s back! It is clear now that this is an agenda they will continue feeding into moving forward.

The Obama administration and his mainstream media weapons of mass deception are unleashing…

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