How many articles about #PANAMAPAPERS can YOU Handle? PART 4… Futurist Trendcast 4-4-16… “#Panamapapers Leak and MSM as Weapon of Mass Disinformation: Info War vs. #Putin, #Russia, #BRICS Escalates”

Yep, it’s all there: the biggest bait and switch I ever did see!

Kauilapele's Blog

lada_ray_photo_a_39An alternate title for this might be (from Lada Ray’s article), “How to take the truth and then bait and switch it with a lie, [then] parade it as truth.

I very much liked what Lada Ray has presented about the one, the only, the grand, the “Western media disinformationally twisted”, Panama Papers. She also points out many many many comments from various articles, which show how quickly people are picking up the “disinformational” points about them.

Highlights, from my viewpoint.

“Nowhere in 11.5 million documents is there anything about Vladimir Putin. Yet, every Western MSM and Qatar’s Al Jazeera (both the state and publication some of the biggest US stooges) printed big Putin’s pictures on top of every article dedicated to Panama leaks, although articles were about someone else.

“This is lunacy and severe case of schizophrenia – a good mental institution very strongly recommended. Is it…

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