David Wilcock new article 4-2-16… “The Ascension Mysteries Have Been Solved!”

Good one coming up. His first 2 books were excellent.

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David_Wilcock_Ascension_Mysteries_cover_240[Holy Crap Update: there’s already an update, just after I posted this… go to the end to view it.]

Once again, thanks to DH* for alerting me to this. This is a relatively short (by David standards) article, but it is about his just-finished book, and on recent developments and intel he has received regarding ascension. I’ve already pre-ordered a Kindle version of the book… it’s my all time favorite way to read books these days.

Since this is fairly short, I’m posting the whole thing. Just remember, he often makes changes and/or updates to his articles, so one may wish to come back a day or two after to see if there are any. Please note that on first publication I’m including links but no images (except for the book), which I’ll add later (I have my reasons, dammit!).

[* The only thing I’ll mention about DH…

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