Preston James VT 3-8-16… “Psychotronic Firewalls against Public Truth”

More spot on reporting from Preston James. I just breezed thru this till I can read it later, but from reading a few of KP’s bullet points, I can see that’s there’s some new disclosures of intel here about how thoroughly they aim to control us.

Kauilapele's Blog

veterans_today_banner_NEW_250veterans_today_preston_james_banner_56I “debated” whether to post this, but when I saw the list of mind controlling agents Preston had compiled, I sensed a potential usefulness for some of us. Just in the sense of “being aware”. I like to remember that “I am not a victim of the world I see”, in any sense of the word (“victim”, that is). And I always have the option of calling for protection wherever, and whenever, I am in any place. I can always “neutralize” energetically any food or item that may have “negative” intentions upon my health or well-being.

My slogan: “Be aware, and stop worrying about all those ‘they’re gonna get me’ things. Stay in Joy and in the Light… (dammit!!).”

““Our discussion of field generated ‘mind control’ is going to be short. Suffice it to say that a highly respected defense electronics firm, not from the US, secretly has demonstrated the…

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