Natural Society 3-11-16… “Hawaii Citizens Beat Monsanto, Bypass ‘Right to Spray’ Pesticides Bill”

Yeah,baby! Another big win for us against Goliath!!!

Kauilapele's Blog

natural_news_logo_6This was on Alexandra’s blog. It comes as great news to all of us who have put out the intentions, prayers, meditations, sign-holdings, email writings, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., for Aloha `Āina, the health of these islands (in the Kingdom of Hawai’i).

Here is a direct link to that bill, which has this innocuous “give me liberty or give me death” type title: “Right to Farm”. behind Which is the hidden title:

“Right for any corporation to farm however they want wherever they want with no restrictions on pesticides or what any local town or county says otherwise and promotes agriBUSINESS over people and makes sure big corporations like Monsanto, Syngenta, Pfizer, can make as much money as possible at the expense of the health of the people and the lands and oceans of Hawai’i”

There have been many Kp (plus all of you) missions to Kauai…

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