Galactic Connection 3-11-16… “This Just In From Randy Cramer Regarding Our ‘Breaking News’ Article” (about that ‘Scalia sex deal, Ryan is Pres., Dunford is VP’ thing)

READ THIS- CLARITY on some past posts. And excuse me for jumping the gun on them. As usual, proceed with discernment. -d13

Kauilapele's Blog

galactic_connection_header_1This is in regard to these posts, post 1, post 2, which I put on the Kp blog two days ago. Alexandra received word from Randy Cramer (also see this Alexandra interview) that the story reported in those two posts was not correct. Here’s a couple highlights from this new posting by Alexandra.

“There was no meeting with Obama and no pedophile photos. That never happened.

“[Scalia] had scheduled a visit to his friend’s hunting lodge (conveniently located next to a brothel…)… and wanted his favorite R&R, which is sex and drugs with an 18 year old from the brothel next door, so he can feel young again. Pedo sex is a special “club” thing and takes place at special venues and special events of which this was neither… he took a viagra and a molly and then had a heart attack and died having sex with…

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