Office of Poofness 2-28-16… “Brothers and Sisters”

Gamechanger! I can feel this coming,too, but have nothing to “prove it to you” with. So be it. That’s why they had to bump off Scalia,even tho he was their own, to slow down disclosure.

Kauilapele's Blog

poofness_office_of_219This appears to be, in part, a selection of pieces from other sources about what appears to be about to happen / has been happening to prepare this thing called “reset”, “RV”. I have seen most of them before, but according to Zap and Susan, it’s all going on right now, and to prepare for the next phase of assisting humanity and this planet.

As usual, I’d suggest using discernment with all of the funds, RVs, et al. Envision a brighter picture for this planet, but live in this moment. That’s it. Also I like to essentially put all “dates of this” and “dates for that” in the back, and to LIVE and BE in this moment… not in the dates numbers.

Music lyrics and video are at the end. A few (a lot, actually) selected highlights below.

[Poof] Many loopholes are being closed and some others ae not so…

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