VT 2-25-16… “Top Secret/SC: Raw Intel Report on Turkey, Syria and Iraq” [HIGHLIGHTS ADDED]

Beautiful. Erdogan’s swan song is what it sounds like, and the swans are warming up and clearing their throats!

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_236I’ve not read this entire thing yet, but I felt it needed to be posted right now. I will likely highlight this later. [Done] This points out that due to internal resistance from “old guard insiders purged by the Erdogan faction”.

“There have been recent reports on the part of armchair analysts playing up the idea of the Turkish Second Army moving into the disputed region between Azaz and Jarablus in northern Syria… The greater part of that group’s troop strength remains poised around the southeastern segment of the border, very much in proximity to those parts of Turkey’s Kurdish majority provinces where a virtual state of siege has reigned for over three months.

“Ever since the great power’s negotiations in the aftermath of WW 1 – which would set in place the political landscape which still reigns over the middle east – it has been the obsession…

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