Jonas Alexis VT 2-25-16… “The New World Order Is Losing the War in Syria Really Bad” (or, “Everything [U.S. officials] touch turns to crap”!)

Great title and article, too! Israel watches as their proxies in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc are getting their asses handed to them while their proxies who used to run the US Corp display the “fecal touch.”

Kauilapele's Blog

veterans_today_banner_NEW_237veterans_today_jonas_alexis_banner_11This one relates to why what the US CORP (via DOI) is attempting to do in Hawai’i with Na’i Aupuni (make a Hawaiian Nation in nation, and be permanently under the thumb of the USA Corp), needs to be exposed and opposed. As I have mentioned to a few people at the ‘Aha, as it stands now, the last government I would put my faith in is “THE USA CORP”. This article points out some of the problems THE USA CORP have (and continue to try to) created.

“The Huffington Post certainly didn’t mean to produce a devastating attack on the New World Order and its agents in Syria, but it has indirectly done exactly that just a few days ago. Listen to these words very carefully here… Similar statements have been produced by the Daily Beast itself, a Zionist outlet. The Daily Beast goes so far as to…

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