VIDEO (I’m posting, as I see this as a possibility)… “Republic Military Movement & GCR Intel Update by Yosef”

Excellent video, very illuminating to me re: finance. Glad to hear things are going on behind the scenes ‘cuz it doesn’t seem much going on in front of them!

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Each should use their own discernment about this, but I’ve listened to several currency types over the last few years, and I feel Yosef has a very balanced view of all of this. The “military presences” being created would also align with what David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford (et al.) have mentioned.

As to what to do with this in ones own life, that is up to each one to decide.

My view of ALL of this currency reset-revaluation is that it is to be used for the benefit of humanity. Period. (and yes, I am part of humanity as well).

The transcript of this message is in the video notes.

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