Stand up for Cannabis; Stand up for Freedom

Weed and its seed need to be freed!!! So take heed!

Openhearted Rebel

The Cannabis Writings PhotoBy Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

After a short run, I’ve decided to discontinue  weekly Cannabis Writings segments. Instead of a weekly column, I’ll just write about it when the inspiration arises, which will probably be often because new things are being discovered about it every day.

Marijuana legalization is long overdue.

It’s time to stop prosecuting innocent people for the possession of a plant that was clearly put here to help us; it’s basically the same as prosecuting someone for having tomatoes. Cannabis is a crop that’s meant to be utilized and shared, and we have to stand up for it if we want to change the laws.

Legalization is happening at a decent pace, but we can’t wait around for the government to do it when they’re finally ready.

Until politicians know they can profit from it without exposing their hypocrisy in keeping it illegal, they’ll stall…

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