Sheriffs Wake Up, Now How ‘Bout the People?

February 9, 2016

Make this Viral! Awake Sheriffs Speak Out Against the Gov’t & Stand By The People

Must read! Thanks to Molly at BP.     -d13

This is astonishing!  What an incredible turn of events, and show of force from the honest LEOs. These are mostly California sheriffs, but not all. There’s one from Oregon and an attorney, too, from Wyoming.

Imagine! They are stating that THEY serve THE PEOPLE! They are stating that Sheriffs took an oath to uphold the Constitution and serve the People and that we are all in danger and must ensure the federal government coordinates actions with them, and abides by the Constitution.

They speak of being asleep, of the shame brought on them by inappropriate actions, not fully understanding the oath they took, and so much more. I’m riveted and energized myself and I’m only 25 minutes in.

I suspect that the work of the National Liberty Alliance to educate all sheriffs, Governors, etc. as to their duties as a result of their oaths, and Sheriff Mack’s initiative to organize and cultivate Constitutional Sheriffs may have something to do with this.

California has been pushed to the limit on so many fronts recently, and their backs are to the wall.

We need to see a lot more of this in America. And I have a feeling we shall. Unify, and you can do anything!

The energies are supporting us all in this now. The time has come that honest people have to choose which side they are on—and if they are on the side of The People—and their own families—they have to look at things differently. It’s happening. They go into a lot of stuff here, folks, from land, to political leaders to the education system. They know what’s going on, and they’re having fun with it, too.

Share widely!  ~ BP


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Published on Feb 9, 2016

The Constitution is “non-negotiable.” United we stand; divided we fall. All Americans need to hear what these Sheriffs have to say. They speak for all of us, not just the residents of the counties they serve.…


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