Jim Dean VT 1-26-16… “NEO – The Terrorist Name Game Meets Seymour Hersh Hype”

Jim Dean’s right- make the guilty parties PAY for their part in these war crimes in Syria. The Syrian people have suffered enough as pawns in the power struggle, and they should not get stuck with the bill!

Kauilapele's Blog

veterans_today_banner_NEW_211veterans_today_jim_dean_banner_28I almost posted this last night, but with all my “X-Issues”, I just dropped it. Anyway, I feel this has a few points of note that are right for this moment. So here’s a couple highlights.

“But I knew the Syrian negotiations would still be with us, and wove the Seymour Hersh material into it as an example of how the public can get numbed out on a story that never ends, and of missed clues and key events when they happen. That Hersh could crash and burn on his second attempt to sell a big story based on an unidentified source with a rehash of other people’s work was a ray of hope that people are catching on to the news hype scams — VT readers anyway.

“…the Obama administration is enjoying its well-earned laurels for putting the Iran nuclear weapons hoax to bed and laid a new foundation…

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