Love Has Won 1-21-16… “James Gilliland ~ Hang In There, Big Shifts Coming”

I was just thinking of James Gilliland a few days ago, wondering what he’s up to. Now we know: spreading joyful messages around the cosmos!

Kauilapele's Blog

james_gilliland_from_bbs_6This showed up somewhere, and I felt was perfectly “fittable” to this time. I’ve found myself “attaching” to the crappifiers, from time to time, particularly locally (the tree destroyers). So in many ways, like James writes, “Not mine” (although I do send the Light to the Tree Beings).

“I have been observing consciousness shifts as of late on a grand scale. There has also been a lot of movement on the ground with the White Hats. It is like the Titanic is sinking, the rats are jumping ship and saving their own skin by testifying, giving depositions that will be the found, ation for the dark hearts demise. The hidden and nefarious deeds of the past are surfacing for all to see. The arrests will escalate all the way to the top.

“The collective consciousness is going through a major shift. Everything is coming up to be dealt with and…

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