Kevin Barrett VT 1-21-16… “False flag paradigm shift: X Files, Dan Brown expose 9/11 truth!”

The chickens always come home to roost….. and that’s the truth!

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_205veterans_today_kevin_barrett_banner_31This appears to be a masterful “apocalyptic in its own way” article, about this paradigm shift. Great insight into what these “new media introductions” are showing to “the public”.

“Is there a false-flag paradigm shift underway?… What do I mean by a “paradigm shift”? Borrowing from Thomas Kuhn, I’m suggesting that an accumulation of evidence since 9/11/2001 has set the stage for a sudden flipping of public perceptions—from the old paradigm, in which “terrorist attacks” and war-trigger events peddled by governments and lapdog media were accepted at face value, to a new paradigm in which they are greeted with a chorus of skepticism.

“The new X Files on Fox features an alternative media character named Tad O’Malley who: “…eventually sways Mulder and Scully to adopt a new conspiracy (theory) … that lays a framework for the six-episode revival…The most eyebrow-raising moment in the premiere is when O’Malley brings the 9/11…

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