Jonas Alexis/Seymour Hersh VT 1-20-16… “Seymour Hersh: New World Order Has No Logical Reasons in Syria and Knows Russia Is Winning”

More reading the handwriting on the wall. Yay for the people of this planet!

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_204First of all, here’s the link to the Sputnik article, and here’s the link to the original DWN interview (in German; btw, “Leistung” = “performance”). The highlights below are from both this VT and the Sputnik.

Bottom line, in my view, “Insanity Incorporated” (namely, the cabal “military industrial pharmaceutical media-ical educational” complex) will never appear “logical” according to most human standards, but they will always be “logical” according to their own “end the world as we know it” (and fly off to some other planet, or go live in their DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases)) paradigm standards. So anyway, all that is coming to an end, after a few “flapping their wings after their head’s been cut off” events.

We’ll get through it as a collective. Especially as we are now a rapidly ascending conscious Gaia collective.

[Jonas Alexis] “I very much respect Hersh’s analysis, for he can be…

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