Remember the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17? Here’s an update into the investigation… RT 1-19-16… ” ‘Biased, low quality, full of omissions’: Russia launches fresh attack on Dutch MH17 report “

The truth, buried, shall rise again. This much we know.

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rt_cube_logo_150_7You know, I’m sure there was no “interference” in this investigation from the NATO alliance (primarily USA CORP) when the implication (not evidence) was presented that Russia was a suspect (and if you did not sense the sarcasm in that statement, please read two or three more times and maybe it will “sink in”).

Note: the 4-minute video in the article is a rather simple way to get the information.

“A senior Russian aviation official has presented new criticisms of the Dutch Safety Board’s (DSB) handling of the MH17 investigation and low quality of its “vague” final report on the crash in Ukrainian skies, which killed 298 people in July 2014.

“Although the report, presented in October 2015, did not have the remit to apportion blame, it did conclude that the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 was brought down by a Russian-made Buk missile, and in public statements the DSB president…

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