A Couple of Monsanto [and Dow] Defeats… Natural News 1-20-16… “Monsanto has terminated 16% of its workforce” & “EPA revokes approval of… glyphosate herbicide… Enlist Duo”

Scram, Monsanto! Regulators are finally doing their jobs. Yay!

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natural_news_logo_4[Kp note: Enlist Duo is actually a product of Dow AgroSciences, not Monsanto.]

What? Monsanto laying off employees” And the EPA actually revoking approval for something?

My question is, why would anyone even conceive of approving a combination of two things as toxic as glyphosate (Round Up) and 2,4-D, the active ingredient in Agent Orange? These corporations are criminal, and they will be “booted out”, at the very least, by people refusing to accept their “crap” arguments for GMOs and pesticides.

Monsanto has terminated 16% of its workforce in recent months, as demand for GMO crops continues to plummet (and organics skyrocket!)

“Those opposed to GM agriculture in favor of healthy, organic food have a lot to celebrate as we enter the new year. It’s just been announced that Monsanto plans to eliminate another 1,000 jobs, in addition to the 2,600 it slashed last fall, resulting in a 16 percent…

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