Natalia Alba,, 1-13-16… “A message to all New Earth Anchors and Stabilizers”

Beautifully stated!

Kauilapele's Blog

natalia_albaThis “popped up” somewhere, and I sensed the message is one some of us “Energy Worker” types might benefit from. What she describes as her working mode, “holding the frequency” for others, is also what has been part of my path.

“As a New Earth anchor, stabilizer, or as others also call holder of space, which is the role that my soul decided to play in this unique time within Creation, we are occupied holding the frequency for those beings and species that are making the conscious choice of stepping into New Earth and leave behind the old 3D matrix.

“Gatekeepers are also busy at this time, since they are always opening portals and anchoring the proper frequency that later we stabilize, as you already know, it is all perfectly orchestrated and we All work as One within the Divine’s Plan, we are all strategically placed in different places but…

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