Hero[ine]ism from Sweden… VT 1-14-16… “Israel Once Again Boiling Mad Over Comments By Swedish Foreign Minister”

Here’s one we all know:
Spade don’t like it when you call a spade a spade!

The Khazarian mafia/bankers who have ruled the planet for centuries are now being exposed for who they really are, and it’s turning into a big snowball that keeps on rolling. Thanks, Margot Walstrom, you rock!

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Margot_Walström_1The title was altered from “Heroism” to Heroine-ism, since the foreign minister of Sweden is a woman. I’d not heard of her before this VT article came out, so I pass it along. There are three other links that some may wish to read:

Swedish Ambassador to Israel Summoned and Browbeaten Over Comment By Country’s Foreign Minister
Heroic Swedish Foreign Minister Again Speaks the Truth About Israel
Israel blasts Swedish FM for ‘supporting terrorism, encouraging violence’

Clearly, those engaged in acts against humanity are being “called out” for their actions, and Margot Walström appears to be one of those doing the “calling out”. In her position as Foreign Minister of Sweden, this would appear to carry some weight… enough weight to P.O. (upset) the Israeli government (namely, the Khazarian mafiosi within), at least.

Bottom line: Great things come from Sweden (and I have personal experience with that!).

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