Manifesto of the Awakened

Another flash of brilliance from Zen Gardner! Yes!!!

by Zen Gardner

To the Few Whom This Concerns:

Re: The deliberate subjugation of our people and planet

While you continue to hypocritically blame humanity for the dire plight of our world, we hereby put you on notice that we are well aware that it is you, the financial, corporate, military, scientific and governmental agents and most of all the dark shadow forces behind you, that we know full well comprise and empower the destructive global power grid, that are responsible for our current engineered crises and overall social condition.

You’ve brought us and our planet to the precipice. If you do not cease and desist, what is soon to come will be blood on your hands, cause untold suffering, and all for naught as far as your designs are concerned. You too will shrivel up in the dustbin of history as just another invasive parasite that couldn’t succeed in its self-serving designs for all its efforts.

Know that.

We hereby officially notify all those complicit in this massive control program that:

  • We are aware of your efforts to dumb down, anesthetize and control the world’s populations.
  • We are aware of your destructive programs to sicken and alter humanity through the chemical, electromagnetic and genetic modification of our food, plants, animals and ourselves.
  • We are aware of your wanton destruction of our earth, skies and oceans through resource exploitation, geoengineering and weather modification.
  • We are aware of your many false flag events and surreptitious “strategy of tension” schemes purposely designed to keep the world in perpetual fear and continual wars against fabricated outside enemies for control and profit.
  • We are aware of your fascist medical designs to drain and destroy humanity via the decrepit allopathic medical system based on profit and ill health at every level, including the proliferation of pharmaceuticals, invasive and debilitating treatments and deliberately damaging vaccines.
  • We are aware of your moves toward a worldwide police state based on hyperbolized fear and disinformation to manipulate humanity in order to get an unspoken imprimatur to execute your program of control and subjugation.
  • We are aware that your political crony establishment is all staged and designed to distract from the real issues and keep the populace occupied and feeling like participants while you work your nefarious program.
  • We are aware of your falsely imposed vampiristic taxation system to fund further bureaucratic bloat, controls and an overarching agenda of genocidal wars on innocent peoples, and that it is arbitrary and our sovereign choice to simply not participate in any longer.
  • We are aware that a select few major corporations with vested interests in this global agenda now control almost all media and that mass media is nothing more than a mouthpiece of propaganda to these ends.
  • We are aware that your “entertainment” industry is simply socially engineered entrainment towards personal and social distraction, chaos and degradation.
  • We are aware of your AI, electromagnetic grid and mind manipulating designs and technologies that are being imposed to further expand your psychopathic control program.
  • We are aware that you repress emerging technologies that threaten existing parasitic profitable ones, such as the hazardous petroleum and nuclear industries, when alternative energy sources and other such solutions have arisen for many decades which you have suppressed.
  • We are aware that you sequester knowledge and information in a vast array of fields to keep the general populace in the dark and thereby disempowered as to our true historical context, while you are coveting secret information and carrying out advanced covert research for your own ends.
  • We are aware that you have stigmatized, marginalized and seek to outlaw any form of criticism, questioning or dissent using whatever excuse you can manufacture.
  • We are aware of your oppressive, enslaving monetary and legal control scams, private fractionalized banking pillaging, and twisted cravings for money and power in an imposed control system that never needed to exist in the first place.
  • We are aware of your falsely postured institutions, foundations, institutes, charitable organizations and international bodies such as the so-called United Nations and its many agencies and agendas being used to further develop your global control plans and programs.
  • We are aware of your secret societies, blood line allegiances and luciferian, freemasonic, Babylonian and otherworldy roots that propel the wickedness of your self appointed leaders. We are aware of your ritual sacrifices, paedophelia and bestiality inclinations and other sordid practices, all of which are anathema to our conscious race.
  • Ad nauseum…

This will be tolerated no longer.


  • We are aware that you know we are on to you. We stand fearless, fully committed to humanity’s well being. You are shallow, self-serving and seriously misled guns for hire working for a control system being engineered by powers beyond your knowledge that will devour you, just as you seek to devour us.
  • We are aware of who you are. Your days are numbered. Your designs will soon be visited upon your heads if you do not drastically change your ways. Universal law dictates it. You know it, and we know it. Hence your sloppy, miscreant behavior being so thoroughly exposed which you so furiously attempt to deny and suppress. This futile lashing out only works toward the exposure of open truth and the awakening’s favor.

If there is an ounce of humanity left in any of you, defect and help us expose and bring down these life ending forces. You, your children, your grandchildren and anything you may still hold dear are already suffering and will also perish in the catastrophe we are soon destined for if you do not respond.


A last warning.

We are aware. We are awake and activated. We will do everything within and without our personal power to see our race and planet survive and shake this parasitic invasion. Our planet itself will not take this attempted overthrow. Know that, and expect repercussions from Her, as well as us, a gathering storm of sacred truth you cannot possibly fathom.

Your opposition, resistance and puny, short-sighted efforts are dwarfed by what awaits you.

Will you find your humanity in time? We think many of you could, and those of you who do will be welcomed amongst the awakened. However, we realize many are beyond redemption.

But don’t try to fool us. We’re more on to you than you could ever imagine.

Just watch and see. We will surprise you, just as you fear.

We’re here. We live. We cannot be stopped nor thwarted by any means despite your flimsy efforts.

The truth and love we bear are coming for you. Truth and cosmic resonance cannot be denied and any aberration from it will be mitigated.

That’s just the way it is.

Think about it. If you dare.


The Eternally Awakened



  1. I hereby place my name alongside the names of my awakened brothers and sisters of this beautiful place we call Earth, to add my voice to this declaration and warning. William Backman Genske Jr.

  2. What else do we have to lose before we get the message, this insanity is simply not going to stop unless we get the fake together and stand up agains these numbnuts. Here is the initiative led by Ken O’Keefe and others: Visit, get involved, give a buck and put your seatbelt on, the ride is going to get rough for a while.

    • Hello, I’m very happy to notice you mentioning the “World Citizen Solutions” website and Ken O’Keefe. I procrastinated about getting involved, but after reading Zen’s article and your post, I went to the website and made a donation. Thank you for the nudge! – Love what you said, ” . . get the fake together and stand up to these numbnuts.”

      • Loving that post Kay, we’re all working seriously hard to make this a reality. I haven given up sleep and going out of the house for the last few weeks, and so glad that you were nudged to go to site and help the campaign along. We’re at 60% of financial goal and less than 1% of awareness goal. Please keep spreading the word! Thanks Kay. Wm

  3. These people have gotten away with it for centuries. Stealing, cheating and hording our money and their next generation keeps getting it to start it all over again. If there really is going to be a halt to this madness, their money has to be removed. Never again must their next generation continue with our resources.

  4. Brother Zen,

    Could also consider this to be have been addressed from at least 50 billion or so souls who have lived (and all are eternal beings, so have a shared and common interest in the outcome here) on this planet; the countless tens of billions who wait their turn, each patiently, watching, with interest, and rooting for us now; as well as of course the 7 billion of us living our lives at this defining moment . . .

    Everyone counts, here.

  5. This reminds me of the 10% rule. Any obfuscated truth are like ice bergs, most of the truth is not known until you are on top of it. Assume we know 10%, act like the biggest revaluations are yet to come, don’t cling to your truth like a life preserver, treat it like the rung on a ladder and keep climbing.

    This is our purpose, to dig ourselves from this morass, to sift through falsehood with our intuition, to develop our other senses. Giving notice is good and essential, but focus past the obvious targets and remember our power is inside. The more we dwell on the negative ones, the more power we give up to them. Learn and move forward towards solutions, focused intent, self enhancement through spirituality and nature. Our Mother Earth is waiting for our help, but she can wait for the next cycle if we don’t step up and embrace our true nature.

    Weare the true inhabitants of this planet, let’s take it back.

  6. Wonderful piece Zen, I have been contemplating for some time putting down in words my none consent on behalf of myself and all others to what is going on and sending it to various people in postions of ‘power’, my thoughts are, even if they put it in the bin my words will be out there and cause vibration. Family and other responsiblities have kept me busy so have not got around to it yet, I would like to use your piece with your permission for this purpose if acceptable to you as cant put it any better :-)

  7. RIGHT ON!! This is so inspiring! Thank you, Zen! I too, am printing out several copies to place around my home; to give to family, friends and strangers alike. “My brothers stand around me and my sisters within me; Wisdom, let me attend.”

  8. In other words we know the Khazarian Ashkhenazi phony Jews are really the physical manifestation of Satan/Saturn/Saturday on Earth. We know who your master is and why you are here even if you don’t. We know you control our emotions through the Moon and that you trick us into reincarnating with a false light after death.

    It doesn’t matter whether your master is a true higher dimensional demon or an advanced alien that wants this planet for its gold. Either way we WILL stop you. Every though we have is going into your ultimate demise. We will show you no mercy. Humanity will survive…….if only 5-10% of us. God is on our side. Who can be against us?

  9. Powerful! Brilliant! Inspiring! Love it when the written words of opposition rise from the papyrus like a fist to the snot lockers of the psychopathic stupids. SMACK!!!!!!

    Saved & distributed 😉

    “Well done” falls short of how significant confidence becomes when you add concrete. The bastardized opportunists have names and addresses. Wouldn’t it be fulfilling and fun to drop the Manifesto into their mailboxes?

  10. Very , very good Zen and yes Randall , David Cameron Barack Obama et al keep giving us their manifesto’s , I think we need to send them this one . After all , it’s all about energy ………
    Fair exchange ? I think so :) As Barack would say , Yes we can !!!!

  11. Well Zen that about covers it. I am ready like all of us here and have been for awhile. When opportunity strikes I activate where I can and always will. The conversations of awareness to the un-awakened will always continue. If you plant seeds in the right environment they will always grow.


  12. A supernatural force is aligning within Wisdoms dreaming for “correction” is at hand. Whoa to those that have disrespected all that is sacred! Thank You Zen for helping to gather the Warriors!

  13. Home run. Grand slam. Outta the park!!! To the point, to the jugular, with extra shark fangs to boot.
    All these years of struggle are starting to bear fruit, what with the unveiling of the true criminals in our midst. Liberation and true unbridled joy will be our prize. Thanks for helping us keep encouraged when the going gets rough, Zen. This is brilliant!

    I once was a Babylonian wage slave
    And I worked from dawn to dusk
    And it’s not ok for you to drain me dry
    And discard my used up husk!

    Wage slave no more, Blatherboy


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