PressTV 1-6-16… “Israel paid GOP senator $1m to sabotage Iran accord: Reports”

This is why the two party system is a joke: numbskulls and prostitutes on both sides of the aisle with a puppet master behind the scenes pulling the strings.

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Tom_Cotton_senator_1 US Senator Tom Cotton

This one really “popped out”!

I’m sure many remember this event, where US Senator Tom Cotton wrote a letter saying (something like) if the Iran deal goes through, it will be cancelled post-Obama. Anyway, there is now more and more coming out about the bribery and outright treason (according to the US Constitution) by members of Congress.

Other Kp blog postings about this are here (1), and here (2).

“A Republican lawmaker at the US Senate was bribed one million dollars by Israel to try sabotaging negotiations between Tehran and the world powers, including the United States. The name of Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) emerged on news outlest on Wednesday after a report revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had bribed the choosy lawmakers of the Republican Party so as to kill the accord.

“Last July, Cotton likened the nuclear agreement to crucifixion…

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