1-8-16… “Campbell’s is the First Big Food Company to Disclose GMO Ingredients on Label”

Yay! That’s a good start.

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campbells_label_with_gmo_info[Thanks to Alexandra for posting this.] My sense is that this is an important first step, but limited in it’s overall significance. Campbell’s still believes all GMOs are “safe to eat”, but says they want to “put consumers first”. I personally would say to them,

“Well, why not just remove ALL GMOs from your foods and make ALL of your foods “organic”, the way the Universe intended?”

Then you’d have no need for any “contains GMOs” label.

Still, this is a major step for a corporation like Campbell’s, in my view.

“You spoke and Campbell’s food company listened. Previously, Campbell’s unveiled plans to run toward the health-conscious organic and non-GMO market dollar. Now, they have dropped one of the biggest publicity bombs ever by announcing their intention to voluntarily label their GMO ingredients.

“In the first week of January 2016, however, the mammoth company turned heads by “switching sides”…

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