“Cabal Corporation Closedown”, 2 of 2… Natural News, 1-8-16… “Monsanto emails reveal coercion of university scientists to advertise harmful GMO products”

Boycott Monsanto and pass this on!

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monsanto_sign_natural_news_article_160108_240Surprise, surprise. This is perhaps similar in coverage to other related posts from this blog about “emails and Monsanto”. Hope these “corporate people” at Monsanto are enjoying seeing their clothes being removed.

“A series of secret emails between Monsanto employees and various university scientists reveal that, regardless of whether or not money was involved, Monsanto is actively working within academia to create bias in favor of its products. It’s a dark saga that’s been unraveling for several years now, and one that’s sure to continue in the coming years – Monsanto’s illicit allying with college faculty and government officials for the purpose of trying to gain more rapport in the public eye.

“Leading the charge to take Monsanto’s reputation up a few notches is Eric Sachs, the company’s strategic engagement lead, who wrote one of the first emails uncovered by USRTK asking university academics to write “short policy briefs on…

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