Bill Palmer, Daily News Bin 1-1-16… “President Obama catches Netanyahu bribing republican congressmen to change their Iran votes”

When Bibi gets caught in his own web of lies and treachery, would it be “nettin’ ya-hoo?”

Kauilapele's Blog

netanyahu_addresses_congress_2015_1Quite related to this Kp blog posting, this article also points out how wiretapping can be used to detect and prove that a number of US congress people have essentially committed treason by accepting favors from a foreign entity (namely, Netanyahu). I liked some of the points he made in this one.

“Obama’s reasoning has been straightforward: Netanyahu is a corrupt warmonger has intentionally made his region unstable for his own political gain. Republicans have fired back by accusing Obama of simply being anti-Israel. But wiretaps now show that at least some republicans in congress had an entirely different reason for siding with Netanyahu: he was bribing them to change their votes on key issues.

“…wiretaps uncovered by the Wall Street Journal reveal that Benjamin Netanyahu reached out to republican congressmen who had been considering voting in favor of the Iran peace deal, asking what they wanted… Netanyahu’s…

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