Just Finished Listening to “Dr. Steven Greer 11-21-15, “How the Secret Government Works””

l’m in the second hour of this and it’s excellent- details and data with original documents. Kudos to Steven Greer!

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steven_greer_from_video_3I posted Dr. Greer’s presentation on this blog, in these posts, “How the Secret Government Works”, VIDEO and MP3s, and just finished listening to the full presentation while driving back from Kīlauea on 12-25-15. I found it well worth the listen (even though the video might be more useful since you could view the slides in the presentation).

In particular, I found VERY unveiling, certain details about how “The Alien Agenda” unfolded, and how the UFO community was infiltrated by data about “implants”, etc., to imply that the aliens were all somehow “evil”. He also covers quite a bit about the secret space programs and the cosmic travels they’ve already accomplished.

I won’t give any more details here, but I do strongly recommend listening to the MP3s and/or viewing the video.

I took it a piece at a time (the entire presentation is 4 hours). And am simply…

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