VT 12-15-15… “Kerry to Putin: US Grateful to Russia for Cooperation on Syria – Updated”

yep, a big moment. Putin strength in Syria was/is a game changer!

Kauilapele's Blog

veterans_today_banner_NEW_181There seems to be a crack in the (BS) denial of the US State Department about Syria. And perhaps this indicates a softening, of sorts, which is a very direct result of Russia’s “invited intervention” in the Daesh situation in Syria.

[Jim Dean] “This is cuteness on steroids by Kerry. It is not an issue of whether Russia “could” make a difference in Syria… because it has. So this remark was designed to not really acknowledge the pounding that ISIL has gotten not only from the Russians, but others that the US wants to have no recognition. That includes the Syrian Army (Kerry does not want Assad to get that credit), Hezbollah and the Iranian advisers and others there who have been doing the boots on the ground work and to whom almost all of the credit is due along.

“Update 5:15pm EST: The Moscow meeting is over. The big…

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