Synchronicity, Anyone? Mt. Etna Erupts Shortly after the Hawaii Supreme Court Mauna Kea TMT Decision!!

Boom shakalakalaka! I just LOOOOOVE these synchronicities! Mama Gaia keeps sending out messages and doing her part. When it’s time, will you pick up the torch? (Hint: now’s the time!)

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mt_etna_151203_eruption_snip_ASynchronicity, anyone?

“…the eruption on Mt. Etna volcano occurred just 3-4 hours after the Hawaii Supreme Court decision about protecting Mauna Kea volcano”

I feel this eruption, which reportedly occurred 12-3-15 (Sicily Time) is connected, intimately, with what occurred here, with the Hawaii Supreme Court decision invalidating the permit for TMT, which occurred in the afternoon of 12-2-15.

The Supreme Court ruling, was stamped 12-2-15, 12:58 PM. The news report which was published at this blog, was dated 12-2-15, 2:02 PM HST.

The Etna volcano erupted “between 2:20am and 3:10am UTC, the eruption saw a sustained lava fountain reach heights of over 1 kilometre, although some jets of hot material made it as high as 3 km above the summit of the volcano“, according to this source.

12:58 PM HST = 10:58 PM UTC
2:02 PM HST = 00:02 AM UTC (12-3)
Eruption times:
4:20 PM…

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