Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia 11-30-15… “A Big Push in Consciousness”

Yes, I can feel things building within me preparing me for the next level, whatever that is.

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golden_age_of_gaia_banner8This caught my eye today, and as I was going through “THE ENERGIES” today in my own world (see this prior post), I read this and it very much applied to my own situation. I got much from reading this.


A Big Push in Consciousness
November 30, 2015 by Steve Beckow

heart consciousnessHow can I not comment on the channeled messages we’re seeing these days.

Notice how coordinated they all are.  What do they all say in common? Love, love, love, love, love, love.

Natalie Glasson’s message hit the ball out of the park for me.

“An explosion of light is moving through the atmosphere waiting to penetrate your being.” (1)


“It may feel that everything that does not resonate with the light is protruding from your being, wishing to remain anchored within your being while also wanting to escape. This may create a chaos within you which will be…

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