“Things” Seem to be Breaking Loose… Futurist Trendcast Updates, “Ukraine Blows Up Power Lines, Leaving Crimea… Without Electricity” and “Turkey Down[s] Russian Su-24 Jet in Syria”

Getting closer to endgame, pissed off losers lashing out anywhere they can.

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crimea_google_map_3 Crimea

[Update: Interestingly, I was just watching an NCIS episode where the power was turned off in Washington DC, due to a “terrorist” event. Synchronicity, anyone?]

This is a major “break” in standard “planetary cabal BS” operations. Russia and Putin will have none of that. I know that this breakthrough is required for the next phase of Gaia development. Lada points out many items from these events. There are a few videos she has posted which infdicate that the Russia plane was well within the border of Syria/Turkey.

I’m posting title and a couple highlights from each. There is more in-depth news at RT and Veterans Today, I’m sure.

For myself, I am seeing all involved with this, particularly the ones who might be called “victims”, in the Higher Light of world awakening.

Urgent! Ukraine Blows Up Power Lines, Leaving Crimea and 2.5 Million People Without Electricity (11-23-15)

“Yesterday Ukraine…

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