“Now, the US CORP Military would never lie, right?” Sputnik News 11-21-15… “US Media Shows Footage of Russian Airstrikes Passed Off as American “

The perps keep getting caught redhanded. Endgame tactics continue in not-very-subtle fashion. News at 11. Or whenever.

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cyrillic_letters_on_video_used_in_pbs_news Click to enlarge

sputnik_news_logo_204_5This was also posted at VT, here, but I originally had seen this at Sputnik. This does show how the US Military Industrial Pharmaceutical Educational “Media”-tionial Corporation complex likes to mess around with things.

I captured a screen shot, at right, from a full screen blowup of the video. The letters are clearly Cyrillic.

“Earlier this week, the US government said it would intensify anti-ISIL airstrikes and bomb the terrorist organization’s oil infrastructure, which is ISIL’s primary source of income. After that, on November 16, the US military said it destroyed 116 trucks carrying illegal oil in ISIL-controlled territories.

“Two days later, on November 18, the Russian Air Force destroyed 500 oil trucks that had been illegally transporting oil from ISIS-controlled territories.”

“For the first time the US is attacking oil delivery trucks,” the voice-over said between 2:30 — 2:35, while showing a clip of…

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