Obama on the Good Guys’ Team?


A video captures the two leaders having a serious talk in one corner during a recess in in the ongoing G20 Summit and BRICS meeting in Turkey.

With the recent developments in Sinai, Paris, Syria, Yemen and Libya, we can speculate that they are sharing critical information and will be coordinating their countries response to these events.

What this means is that Obama’s administration may have been working with the Russians all along through State Secretary John Kerry resulting to his attempted assassination, i.e. bike injury, a few months ago.

What gives Obama some white hairs is the uncooperative men and women in the White House notably of course is the group of Victoria Nuland who are taking orders from the Bush camp. This is just one proof that the US presidency is not an all too powerful position in the United States.

A very powerful consortium is working behind the scenes and Obama may be for years attempting to do a Kennedy with the help of capable leaders of other countries, i.e. BRICS,  to increase the possibility of success and it is only now that he is doing it in broad daylight for even the puppetmasters to see.

Bear in mind, Obama did veto the Defense Department budget for lack of provision to close Guantanamo Prison. He also denied unfettered aid to the State of Israel. Further to Obama’s credit is the recent report of the death of Libyan ISIS leader.


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