The battle above: California missile explodes after it’s blasted by a UFO

Too cool not to reblog though I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet!

Mission Galactic Freedom

ufo missile laser beam technology

Credit: Images from the second video posted by Scott Shaubel on his Facebook page.

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Mysterious Bright Light spotted in the sky across California and Nevada

New images have emerged of the strange light which was according the Navy an unarmed missile (which is normally armed with a nuclear warhead) Trident II missile test over the California coast last saterday, showing fascinating new details about the Missile which seems to explodes after its blasted by a UFO.

Started as a fireball, the missile coming over the ocean, reflecting off the water and showing heat distortion when suddenly a UFO approaching the missile which explodes after its blasted by the UFO leaving it for the next 5 minutes as a glowing expanding gas cloud radiating down to the surface and leaves a blue cloud in the sky for 10 minutes. Remarkable, no sound was heard during the explosion.

But did…

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