WakeUp-World.com 4-12-15… “15 Facts Most People Don’t Know About Fluoride”

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fluoride_wikipediaThis popped up in a Facebook feed somewhere, and somehow felt “wanted” to be posted. We are not fluoridated in the Big Island (as far as I know), on top of which I almost always drink filtered (RO) purified water, and I stopped using fluoridated toothpastes as of the past (approximately) year (now use coconut oil and baking soda; last checkup was carie-free).

A reminder that “fluoride” (an inorganic salt, as in “sodium fluoride”, found in toothpastes) is not “fluorine” (a gas) (nor is it “flouride”, which is what you can get if you drop a bag of flour with your eyes wide open).

Particularly helpful in this article are the many references. There’s the one that points out that fluoridated water communities have just as many cavities as non-fluoridated ones, so why do it… probably to help “numb down” the population, just like is done with TV…

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