Illuminati Card Game Predictions Coming True, What’s Next?

WTF? is what! There’s a lot of info to sort thru here.

Mission Galactic Freedom


I find this “Illuminati” card game  interesting. It goes in line with the rest of the potential material that is “predictive” relatively speaking. I am starting to consider that the ptb are seriously playing a game with humanity. All in the name of total control.  disturbing isn’t it, but quite accurate. Dont forget there are in all 526 Cards ?, They had this cards made knowing what they set out to do. Watch out for more Cards Becoming Real… Time to FAIL their Fucking Plan…

~ Galactic Human ~

Is the Illuminati Card Game just an innocent game created in 1994 by Steve Jackson, or an ominous and eerie predictor of future events?

Either way, the mystery, and yet at the same time the openness of the game has caused millions to questions it’s meaning for over two decades.

A new article by Realities Watch puts together 10 of the…

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The Emporer Has No Clothes, Vaccine Dept.

November 29, 2015

Vaccinations Mutate Into Untold Horrors: Gag Order on Dr. Judy Mikovits Lifted

DNA contaminated<img class=”alignleft wp-image-28979″ src=”//×142.jpg” alt=”DNA contaminated” width=”251″ height=”119″ />And number three of OPS.

Serious stuff. Thanks, B.

Let’s intend that the good doctor is protected and we don’t soon have to share a post about her being suicided. The more this is shared, the safer she will be.

And I do hope that people will STOP GETTING VACCINATIONS!

Namasté.  ~ BP

B says…

1hr of the most shocking & damming interview I have watched regarding vaccine injury.

Released a few days ago it should go viral.

Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD is a Biochemist and worked as a government scientist for many years developing viruses and vaccinations. In 2011 when she made a horrifying discovery that was contaminating all vaccinations, she presented her data to government officials and was threatened & told to destroy all her data.

When she did not she was jailed, her career systematically destroyed, and a gag order put in place for 4 years threatening that if she spoke out she would be thrown back in jail. That gag order has just lifted, and she’s dumped the government right in it!
She speaks about how autism is associated with vaccines, also cancers, chronic fatigue syndrome, alzheimers, auto immune diseases, allergies and more. She discusses how the cocktail of vaccinations pumped into babies mutate to develop months and years down the track into new viruses, cancers and diseases, some they dont even know about yet. She explains how the viruses injected through vaccines tear open our DNA and insert their own DNA to mutate our genetic makeup and be passed on generation after generation.

She has been threatened with a suicide murder cover up, she doesn’t care, she wants it all exposed.

The act of the Australian government making vaccinations mandatory this January is an act of genocide.

James Corbett 11-22-15… “3 Stories That Show the War of Terror Is A Fraud”

I love James Corbett’s outlook! Haven’t seen this yet but am looking forward to it at lunch.

Kauilapele's Blog

Found this at Jean Haines blog. Great short video about the “war-on-terror fraud”.

Published on Nov 22, 2015

SHOW NOTES [detailed below]:

As the terror hysteria kicks into high gear, the phoney war of terror narrative becomes ever more absurd. On today’s Thought For The Day video, James breaks down three of the latest stories exposing the fraudulent terrornoia for what it is.

As the terror hysteria kicks into high gear, the phoney war of terror narrative becomes ever more absurd. On today’s Thought For The Day video, James breaks down three of the latest stories exposing the fraudulent terrornoia for what it is.


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Explosive Consequences of Turkey Downing Russian Su-24 Jet in Syria – Complete Analysis and Predictions!

Great article, Lada Ray!!! Thank you for your research and clarity.

Futurist Trendcast

Putin’s video announcement: Turkey, who is aiding terrorists, has stabbed us in the back Rus/Eng. Link

MAP: Russian Su-24 crash scheme by Russian defense ministry:

Russian Defense Ministry demonstrates map of the Su-24M flight which ended in downing by Turkish F-16 jet. Russian MoD insists the jet didn’t violate Turkish airspace, while Ankara says the plane crossed into its territory for 17 seconds, leaked document indicates.

US-backed states have right to self defence, but not others- State Dept.

During the moment of Turkey shooting down the Russian Su-24, it flew at the 6km altitude, one kilometer away from Turkish border on the Syrian side. The plane was shot down by AMERICAN missiles from American-made F-16 employed by TURKISH army, in retaliation for Russia successfully bombing Syrian terrorists, whom they call ‘Turkmen,’ and who are financed, trained and openly supported by Turkey.

In the area in which the plane was shot…

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“Things” Seem to be Breaking Loose… Futurist Trendcast Updates, “Ukraine Blows Up Power Lines, Leaving Crimea… Without Electricity” and “Turkey Down[s] Russian Su-24 Jet in Syria”

Getting closer to endgame, pissed off losers lashing out anywhere they can.

Kauilapele's Blog

crimea_google_map_3 Crimea

[Update: Interestingly, I was just watching an NCIS episode where the power was turned off in Washington DC, due to a “terrorist” event. Synchronicity, anyone?]

This is a major “break” in standard “planetary cabal BS” operations. Russia and Putin will have none of that. I know that this breakthrough is required for the next phase of Gaia development. Lada points out many items from these events. There are a few videos she has posted which infdicate that the Russia plane was well within the border of Syria/Turkey.

I’m posting title and a couple highlights from each. There is more in-depth news at RT and Veterans Today, I’m sure.

For myself, I am seeing all involved with this, particularly the ones who might be called “victims”, in the Higher Light of world awakening.

Urgent! Ukraine Blows Up Power Lines, Leaving Crimea and 2.5 Million People Without Electricity (11-23-15)

“Yesterday Ukraine…

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Pentagon Claims Intensified Air Attacks vs. ISIS Using Russian Videos

Another , more focused, look at the false narrative and the perps behind it.
The emperor has no clothes.

Covert Geopolitics

In the aftermath of the so-called Paris Attacks, both the White House and the Pentagon claimed to have intensified US attacks against the Islamic State.

As always, such plans were preceded with intensified salivatic tsunami, too.

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