Cobra Update 10-19-15… “Proxy Galactic War in Syria”

Yeah baby! Pawns of the world unite, keep on reaching for the light.
Pawns of the world unite, we won’t go down without a fight!

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portal2012_logo_vertical148Very interesting information here about the Galactic connection with what is occurring in Syria.

” Clearing of the Chimera group continues… clearing of their Draco and Reptilian minions is now quite intense and has already reached the awareness of the mainstream population…

“Many Pleiadian hostages have been rescued lately from Syria by Russian Spetsnaz agents, with those agents thinking they are just rescuing human prisoners of war from Syrian prisons. Top intelligence personnel within GRU is aware of the extraterrestrial element of the Syrian situation.

” The situation in Syria is the geopolitical turning point for the planetary liberation. Iranian military is proudly showing their underground military bases…

“Far away from the attention of the mainstream media, masses in Europe are beginning to rise in their fight for freedom.”


Proxy Galactic War in Syria

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Not much can be said about that now publicly.

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