Hans Vogel, VT 10-17-15… “Once they’re in, it is hard to get them out”

A brief primer in US bullying. It’s only frowned on at the playground I guess.

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_155[Kp note: I mistakenly marked this as a “Jonas Alexis” article, then afterwards realized it was written by Hans Vogel. Apologies for that.]

A bit of an exposure article here, plus a reminder about whose military bases are “all over the place”, and how they have managed to remain in places like Germany and Japan for decades.

One country not mentioned here is the Kingdom of Hawai’i. which has been occupied (secretly) under the names, “Republic of Hawaii”, “Territory of Hawaii”, and lastly, “State of Hawaii”, for almost 123 years.

“The reason why US troops are remaining in Afghanistan is… Afghanistan has a unique strategic position in Central Asia that, according to prevalent geopolitical thought in Washington, just needs to be occupied… Afghanistan is extremely rich in all sorts of minerals that the US will need, and that cannot be allowed to fall-God forbid-in the hands of the Chinese, the…

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