WORLD EVENTS are only DISTRACTIONS keeping OUR ATTENTION from a  FAR LARGER AGENDA! . . . Guest article from my friend, Bradley Loves

Spot on, Bradley!

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

After having read Monty’s words early this morning that they have planned an upcoming false flag, I feel Bradley’s words, for which I deeply thank him, couldn’t be more important today, right now. Sadly, if this actually happens, while it will likely traumatize many people, perhaps it will also shake them lose and awaken them to the ‘real’ truth. 

Also, the red highlights in the article are mine 🙂 ~J

By Bradley Loves

Happy Sunday to all my Brothers and Sisters

The world is full of distractions!  No matter what appears to be happening…, it is happening for a reason.  The wars and battles that we are seeing in the Middle East are happening at the behest of an ANCIENT BLACK MAGIC CULT which wants to control.

There is a much deeper reason for what is happening in the Middle East.  This reason can ONLY be seen if one is willing to step…

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