How the Cabal Maintains Power Over Us And How To STOP IT

Long read and well worth the time!


This post explains how the people’s relationship with government is greatly misunderstood, and how each of us contributes to false authority and tyranny until we reclaim our true estate … our minds, bodies and souls, and in so doing become the free and empowered beings we were always meant to be.

By Geopolitics
Trained to be a slave race who accepts authority as real instead of illusory, our belief in authority must be dispelled by gaining knowledge of the fact there are no real authorities, only trustee’s given the power to manage our affairs by our CONSENT. Either we grasp present realities enough to empower harmony and the long sought golden age on Earth, or we CONSENT to the horrific authoritarian New World Order accelerating now.

How the Cabal Maintains Their Power And What You Need To Do To Stop It – Un-consent | Beyond BRICS: Exposing the Rats

Synchronistically, on the same day this article was…

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