Benjamin Fulford 9-7-15… “Chaos in cabal controlled financial system creates opportunity for revolution” (title only)

Take note.When warranted, take action!

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benjamin_fulford_ottowa_senators_shirt_95Well, all there is is a title. So draw as many conclusions from that as you would like.

Actually, I did a title search and found a few places that posted the full article, so I will just post a few paragraphs from one of those and place the full article here in 3 days, as I normally do.


“Chaos and conflict at the very top of the Western financial system has created a unique opportunity to permanently put an end to Khazarian mafia control of the West…

“…it must be explained to the military fence sitters that the Khazarian mob has been actively trying to kill them and their families with manufactured diseases, toxic chemicals, unhealthy food, multiple attempts to start World War 3 etc. meaning that fence sitting is no longer an option. Self-defense is mandatory.

“The anniversary this Friday of the September 11, 2001 mass murder…

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