leap the world’s net – Han Shan

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New Earth Heartbeat


Han Shan – The Poet of Cold Mountain

My Comment: Han Shan is one of my favorite poets. He was a hermit living up in the Chinese Mountains.  More on Han Shan here. His spirit was dedicated to “leaping the world’s net”, something that resonates particularly with me from time to time, and right now is one of those times. If you sometimes enjoy entering into the clear space of Beingness free of all distractions and adulterations, then you will enjoy these poems. 


I’m on the trail to Cold Mountain.

Cold Mountain trail never ends.

Long clefts thick with rock and stones,

Wide streams buried in dense grass.

Slippery moss, but there’s been no rain,

Pine trees sigh, but there’s no wind.

Who can leap the world’s net,

Sit here in the white clouds with me?

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